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Francis Luis Mora

Birth place or City of origin: Montevideo
State of origin: Uruguay
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1874
Death/End date: 1940

Francis Luis Mora was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on September 27, 1874. His father, Domingo Mora (1840-1911), was a Spanish architectural sculptor. His mother, Laura Gaillard, was a member of the Bacardi spirits family of Santiago de Cuba. His brother was Joseph Jacinto (Jo) Mora (1876-1947), who would become a noted California artist. The Mora family’s artistic lineage went back to eighteenth-century Spain.

Francis Luis Mora was the son of the Spanish sculptor Domingo Mora and studied under his father before attending the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School and the Art Students League. An illustrator and muralist, Mora’s work reflected a blend of Spanish and Modern American influence. By the age of 18 Mora was illustrating leading periodicals. Two years later he began exhibiting his work, and in 1900 he was commissioned to paint a mural for the public library in Lynn, MA. Mora also painted a mural of the Michigan State Building for the St. Louis Exposition.

His paintings usually depicted leisurely life, figures, interiors and landscapes. Mora worked in oil, watercolor, charcoal and pastel. He painted the portrait of President Warren Harding, which still hangs in the White House. He had a very successful career as an artist and teacher. He taught classes at the ASL, Grand Central School of Art and the New York School of Art. Mora died in 1940.


Born in Uruguary in 1874 to an accomplished artistic family whose lineage went back to 18th century Spain, Francis was an illustrator and muralist whose work reflected a blend of Spanish and Modern American influence. His brother, Jo, would become a noted California artist.


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