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Ken Siggins

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin:
Last known City: South Fork (area)
Last known State: WY
Start/Birth date:
Death/End date:

Ken Siggins’ workshop sits in the shadow of Wyoming’s Absaroka Mountains, in the spectacular upper valley of the South Fork of the Shoshone River. There he has been building Western furniture for close to forty years, originally for his parent’s dude ranch and the guests who stayed there. “A lot of my early clients were people who came out to the ranch and wanted to take a little piece of the West home with them.” Later he was sought-out by the people who flocked to Cody from all over the country when Molesworth’s work was rediscovered following the 1989 exhibition at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and the Gene Autry Museum. Much of Siggins’ work is classic Western furniture of logs with applied pole and burls. An award-winning foosball table pits a team of cavalry against a team of Indians, with Western scenery hand-painted on the inside walls of the game and is in the permanent collection of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. “We have been building the ‘Western Style’ since 1964 and enjoying every minute of it.”


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