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Dickie Tignor

Birth place or City of origin: Cheyenne
State of origin: OK
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date:
Death/End date:

Dickie Tignor started making bits and spurs for himself in 1985, and then started taking orders from local cowboys. Today, he works for the county and builds bits and spurs part-time.

Tignor has been greatly influenced by Earlon Shirley, who he knew throughout Shirley’s life. When he became interested in bit and spur making, he naturally turned to Shirley for guidance in the art, and through his influence, has become a masterful engraver.

Tignor is known for fluidity and for his flower and leaf pattern engravings. His overlays are an exuberant combination of silver, brass and copper scrollwork. He is also adept at wheat cut engravings, which adorn the shanks of many of his spurs. “I respect the important function of a spur,” says Tignor, “but I love the metal ‘canvas’ a spur presents for engraving.” Dickie was recently selected as the 2006 Academy of Western Artists Spur Maker of the Year.


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