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Bill Homer

Birth place or City of origin: Groom
State of origin: TX
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date:
Death/End date:

Bill Homer grew up working on area farms and ranches. While working on a ranch in 1964, he made his first pair of spurs out of necessity, by trial and error. Bill received several orders after that and although he spent the next fourteen years in a farm fuel and fertilizer business, he never lost his interest in designing and building spurs. In 1994, Bill retired from the real estate business and he went into building bits and spurs full-time.

At first, Bill says, “I stumbled along making what someone ordered.” Then he began to meet other spur makers in West Texas, and their work helped to influence his own unique style. Today, Bill enjoys collecting spurs, bits, and guns, and he also maintains an interest in ranching; but his main priority is his family. He and his wife Norma Jean, have five children and ten grandchildren.


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