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Wes Griffin

Birth place or City of origin: Brookshire
State of origin: TX
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date:
Death/End date:

Wes Griffin is 32 years old (at the time of this printing) and has been making good, strong, functional bits and spurs since he was 17. Today, he specializes in scroll engraving, which he describes as “things that look good but don’t make sense,” and works part-time as the head engraver for a buckle company in Houston.

Griffin prefers to make spurs of his own choosing that reflect his engraving talents and his admiration for the clean lines of the old masters of Texas style spur making. He strives to combine the quality of Adolf Bayers’ metalwork with Bohlin’s bright cut engraving style, mixing the traditional with the contemporary for the collector market and establishing himself as a true spur-making artist.


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