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Karl Moon

Birth place or City of origin: Wilmington
State of origin: OH
Last known City: San Francisco
Last known State: CA
Start/Birth date: 1879
Death/End date: 1948

Born in Wilmington, Ohio on October 5, 1879. After graduation from Wilmington High School, Moon moved to Albuquerque, NM where he had a photography studio. He worked there until 1907 when he moved to the Grand Canyon headquarters of Fred Harvey to manage and operate Harvey's art business. Moon studied painting with visiting artists Thomas Moran, Frank Sauerwein, and Louis Akin. (Signed his work “Carl Moon” or “Karl Moon”)

While in the Southwest he captured many pictures of the Pueblo Indians both on film and canvas. In 1911 he wed artist Grace Purdie and settled in Pasadena in 1914. In California he concentrated on landscapes and illustrated several children’s books (Wong and the Wise Old Crow, The Flaming Arrow, Painted Moccasin) about Indians, which he co-authored with his wife. Carl Moon died in San Francisco on June 24, 1948. Member: Pasadena AA; Pasadena Library Club; California Writer's Guild. Exhibits: Pasadena Art Institute, 1925, 1927; Carmelita Gardens (Pasadena), 1926; Cartoonist Club (LA), 1928; Pasadena Arts and Crafts, 1941. In: Huntington Library (San Marino); Library of Congress; Museum of Natural History (NYC); Southwest Museum (LA); Montclair (NJ) Museum; Smithsonian Inst.


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