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Robert Winter

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin: Germany
Last known City: Gardnerville
Last known State: NV
Start/Birth date: 1953
Death/End date:

Robert Winter (b. 1953)
Born in Germany, he became a painter of western scenes that earned him feature articles in Southwest Art and Western Art Digest. His painting: Feed Time, won the “Best of Show” award at the C. M. Russell Art Show in Great Falls, Montana in 1984. He majored in art in college in California, served in Vietnam in the Army as a combat artist and then attended the Los Angeles College of Design. At the Scottsdale School of Art, he studied with James Reynolds, and during the early part of his career, he was an illustrator for CBS. He paints from a studio in Gardnerville, Nevada where he and his wife raised their son. Robert took “Best of Show” at the MonDak Heritage Center Art Show in Sidney, Montana, in 2002. Also winning the “Peoples Choice Award.”


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