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Conrad Buff

Birth place or City of origin: Speicher,
State of origin: Switz
Last known City: Laguna Hills
Last known State: CA
Start/Birth date: 1886
Death/End date: 1975

Born in Speicher, Switzerland, the son of an Alpine farmer, Conrad Buff, by the age of forty, had an established reputation as an artist, primarily realistic paintings that expressed his love of the American Southwest. He also explored lithography and silkscreen painting and drew directly on stone or zinc plates. With his wife, Mary Marsh, he wrote and illustrated two books: Dancing Cloud and Kobi. In 1906, he moved to Los Angeles, and from 1907, painted in Arizona. Maynard Dixon was a frequent sketching companion. Buff did a number of large-scale murals for banks, schools, and libraries, and with well-known California artist, Edgar Payne, painted a 1000-foot mural for a Chicago hotel. Conrad Buff died in Laguna Hills, California in 1975.


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