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Elizabeth Lochrie

Birth place or City of origin: Deer Lodge
State of origin: MT
Last known City: Butte
Last known State: MT
Start/Birth date: 1890
Death/End date: 1981

Born in Deer Lodge, Montana on July 1, 1890. Mrs. Lochrie studied with Winold Reiss in Glacier Park, and with Dorothy Puccinelli and Victor Arnautoff in San Francisco. For 45 years she had a studio-home in Butte, Montana, which was a gathering spot for art lovers and western history buffs. During 1924-1925 she painted eighteen children's murals for the Montana State Hospital. After 1932, Lochrie specialized in Native American portraits, particularly of Blackfoot tribal members - She was adopted by the Blackfoot and given the name "Netchitaki" which translates as "Woman Alone In Her Way”.

Exhibitions: NY World's Fair, 1939; Montana Historical Society, 1944 (solo); Bancroft Library (UC Berkeley); Southwest Museum (LA); LA Museum of Science and Industry; Burley (ID) Post Office (mural); Idaho Falls Post Office (mural); Dillon (MT) Post Office (mural); Helena (MT) Historical Society; Whitney Museum (Cody, WY); Univ of Wyoming (Laramie); State Hospital, Galen, MT (mural)


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