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Oleg Stravrowsky

Birth place or City of origin: New York
State of origin: NY
Last known City: Lago Vista
Last known State: TX
Start/Birth date: 1927
Death/End date:

Born to Russian parents and raised in Harlem, New York, Oleg Stavrowsky is a painter of western subjects who now lives in Lago Vista, Texas, near Austin. His interest in western art began in high school during World War II. After serving in the war, he became a technical illustrator for McDonnell Aircraft in St. Louis. A visit to the Cowboy Hall of Fame changed his life, and he gave up commercial art for western painting.

Then his career expanded to fashion illustration and other types of commercial art, but after a visit to Oklahoma City and an exhibit at the Hall of Fame he became exasperated with art directors.

Eventually he settled in Texas.


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