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William Moyers

Birth place or City of origin: Atlanta
State of origin: GA
Last known City: Albuquerque
Last known State: NM
Start/Birth date: 1916
Death/End date:

Born in Atlanta, William learned as a youngster to break broncos and mend fences on a Colorado Ranch. He was educated at Adams State College and paid for his education by working on hay crews and breaking horses while spending time studying at the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles. He worked as an animation artist for Walt Disney Studios in California, followed by a decade of successful illustrating of western classics for national publications. In the 1960s, he devoted himself exclusively to his own art, renowned for their detailed accuracy capturing the spirit of the old west. He is a member Emeritus and three-time president of the Cowboy Artists of America and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His sons, Charles and John Moyers, and daughter-in-law Terri Kelly Moyers are all accomplished artists.

A member of the Cowboy Artists of America since 1968 and now a member Emeritus, Bill Moyers is a painter and sculptor of western subjects. His work is in numerous major collections including the Gilcrease Institute in Tulsa, Oklahoma; the National Cowboy Hall of Fame; the Albuquerque Museum; and the Cowboy Artists of America at Kerrville. He has won numerous gold and silver medals and is in prestigious publications including Cowboy in Art by Harmsen and Bronzes of the American West, by Patricia Broder. “I paint what I do,” Moyers observes, “because I find the working cowboy, past and present, such a harmonious outgrowth of his whole environment. He accepts the action, weather, loneliness, and responsibilities as a normal existence. Too, there is a lot of nostalgia in it for me–a chance to recapture something of which I can no longer be a part.”


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