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Tom Ryan

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin: IL
Last known City: Scottsdale
Last known State: AZ
Start/Birth date: 1922
Death/End date: 2011

Known for his well drawn and meticulously realistic western genre paintings, Tom Ryan began his career as a New York illustrator, but by the 1950s was doing Western subject matter. He became one of America's best-known Western artists, an assertion supported by the fact that in 1996, he won the Prix de West Lifetime Achievement Award. . He is a member of the Cowboy Artists of America and the National Academy of Western Art.

Ryan was born in Illinois, trained in the Midwest and New York, and then worked as a magazine jacket illustrator before beginning his Western art career. His admiration for the illustration skills of Howard Pyle and N. C. Wyeth, and his understanding of cowboys and ranch life combine in skillfully and convincingly executed works.

In West Texas, Ryan found abundant material for fresh and original paintings of subjects that he could see and feel and know from an intimate perspective. The result has been a wide-ranging body of work--- paintings of cattle, cattle country and the people who live and work there, all created with the strength and vitality of one who has seen it with his own eyes.

His work has appeared in numerous magazines devoted to western life and culture. Among these are Western Horseman, The Quarter Horse Journal, The Gilcrease Magazine of American History and Art, Southwest Art magazine, Art of the West magazine, and Persimmon Hill magazine, as well as Time and Life.

His work is featured at the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and at leading galleries and museums throughout the Southwest.


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