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Buffalo Bill Cody

Birth place or City of origin: LeClaire
State of origin: IA
Last known City: Cody
Last known State: WY
Start/Birth date: 1846
Death/End date: 1917

Born William Frederick Cody in LeClaire, Iowa in 1846. He grew up in the frontier that made him a legend, taking the longest ride in history as rider for the Pony Express. Cody was a horse rustler, a bullwhacker on wagon trains, beaver trapper, joined the gold rush at Pike's Peak, and a volunteer with the cavalry. In 1883 Cody produced Buffalo Bill's Wild West, an outdoor dramatization, driving a concord stagecoach full speed, revolvers blazing into the show arena. He re-enacted the Pony Express ride, Indian battles and other scenes that "city folks" and the crowds of Europe were dying to see. He brought his troops, including Sitting Bull and Annie Oakley, to Europe for four years and in 1908, merged his show with Pawnee Bill. Back at the turn of the century he was said to have been the most famous person in the world. “Buffalo Bill” died on January 10, 1917.


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