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AJ Schell

Birth place or City of origin: Gerlach
State of origin: NV
Last known City: Pyramid Lake
Last known State: NV
Start/Birth date: 1880
Death/End date: 1945

Alfred J. Schell was born in Gerlach, Nevada in 1880. Schell apprenticed with John Estrada
(1865-1942) at Goldberg and Staunton (1910-1913) in Winnemucca, Nevada during the golden age of the buckaroo style. His earliest work is marked AJ Schell maker, Gerlach, NV. Al moved to Pyramid Lake near Reno in the 1920s and eventually to Oroville, CA where he traveled to large ranches repairing harness and tack, as well as bits and spurs. Schell’s work is comparable with the best of the early ‘California style’ makers, both inlaid and overlaid with light engraving.


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