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William Matthew Tilghman

Birth place or City of origin: Fort Dodge
State of origin: IA
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1849
Death/End date: 1924

Born in Fort Dodge, IA, in 1849, Tilghman became a Deputy Sheriff for Charlie Bassett of Ford County, Kansas in 1878 and later joined the legendary Sheriff Bat Masterson in the same capacity. Bill was headquartered in Dodge City, the explosive cow town that attracted the deadliest gunners, professional gamblers, scouts and traders of the day. Tilghman had a knack of controlling bad men without killing them, unlike many of his fellow peace officers. For the next 50 years he worked in various law enforcement capacities as US Marshal, Sheriff and Chief of Police. Bill single-handedly captured Bill Doolin of the Dalton Gang and later became such an authority on outlaw gangs that he was hired to supervise the production of a movie on the subject. Tilghman was shot dead November 1, 1924.


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