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AA Van Voorhies & Co

Birth place or City of origin: Sacramento
State of origin: CA
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1850
Death/End date:

Van Voorhies begain in 1850 making some of the original Pony Express saddles. They ranked with John T Stoll and Tom Hildreth as the premier 19th century saddlery in Sacramento, rivaling the best that L D Stone, Main and Winchester, Visalia, and F M Stern had to offer, especially in their comprehensive line of fancy mounted California bits and spurs. As Sacramento grew, so did Van Voorhies, publishing an oversized, 310-page catalog in 1905 and competing effectively with newcomers Gus Goldberg and Walsh Richardson. Van Voorhies took in Phinney as a partner some time after 1905, ultimately shortening the name to the Vanco Line in the late 1920s. So fierce was the competition between the Sacramento and San Francisco saddleries that Van Voorhies boasted in print “We will duplicate any bit and spur shown in any catalogue of any San Francisco house and make as low a price.”


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