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Henry Ruwart

Birth place or City of origin: Denver
State of origin: CO
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1913
Death/End date: 1968

Henry Ruwart worked for the JS Sullivan Saddle tree Company in Jefferson City, MO for 27 years before buying T. E. Meanea’s Denver based company in 1913. Ruwart advertised that together with Simpson they had been around since 1848 but details are sketchy. Their early 1940 catalogue No. 7 claimed that they manufactured the best saddletrees, stirrups and cinches, claiming to be the ‘saddle supply house of the West.’ Always changing with the times, Ruwart carried a complete line of silver buckles and even novelty western items when demand slackened after the 2nd World War enabling them to last well into the 1960s.


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