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Jo Mora

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin:
Last known City:
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Start/Birth date: 1876
Death/End date: 1947

Western Artist and Illustrator who traveled and worked extensively throughout the Southwest before settling in California where he spent 40 years exemplifying the colorful Spanish and Mexican periods of the Golden State in paintings, sketches, sculpture and other art forms. Mora was a newspaper artist and book illustrator in the East in his early years before “discovering” the West. Lived on a Hopi reservation from 1902-1906 where he learned to speak their language fluently. Later he moved to Monterey, CA where he followed the route of the Padres along the way. Mora authored several books about the old western days and ways including Trail Dust and Saddle Leather (1946) and Californios (1949), both featuring his painstaking illustrations of California from the days of the missions, up to and through the gringo “buckaroo” period that followed.


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