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Jess Hodge

Birth place or City of origin: McKevitt
State of origin: TX
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1870
Death/End date: 1953

A solitary man, Hodge’s background is a mystery prior to 1915 when he began making bits and spurs in Fort McKavett, Texas. Lived and worked in his 20’ x 30’ shop with a dirt floor and cooked on his forge. Though his real name may have been a secret, there was no question about his artistry, and although he never marked his spurs or bits, their style and quality was easily recognizable with their smooth finish and neat silver mounting. Hodge’s spur shanks often had beveled edges and he frequently used the silver and copper from coins for mountings. Crippled with arthritis in his later years, he ultimately entered a nursing home and died with nary a relative at his funeral in Fort McKavett. A Methodist minister from nearby Mason read “The Village Blacksmith” for a handful of friends in attendance.


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