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Miles City Saddlery

Birth place or City of origin: Miles City
State of origin: MT
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1909
Death/End date:

Miles City, Montana was already a legendary cattle town when Charles C. Coggshall disposed of his livestock and opened a saddlery with Al Furstnow in 1890. That partnership dissolved five years later with Coggshall subsequently purchasing the old saddlery shop of Hugh Moran and converting it to Coggshall Saddlery. Charles himself was not a saddle maker but his years as an avid horseman enabled him to recognize the virtues of a good saddle and the need to develop a better saddletree. Under his guidance the Montana Saddle Tree/Miles City Three Quarter outfit was perfected and later copied by many others. Clem Kathmann was the top craftsman in the shop and later became foreman before joining with Frank Jelinek and Best Coleman to buy out Coggshall in 1909 and changed the name to Miles City Saddlery.


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