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David Stoecklein

Birth place or City of origin: Pittsburgh
State of origin: PA
Last known City: Ketchum
Last known State: ID
Start/Birth date:
Death/End date: 2014

One of the world's top commercial and stock photographers, Dave has expanded his popular cowboy calendar line to include exclusive reprint rights to Jo Mora's fascinating but previously out-of-print books. Dave had always had a soft spot for the cowboy life ever since his childhood in Pittsburgh where he'd spend hours wishing he could ride the range like Hopalong Cassidy. Today his photo assignments take him around the globe, but there's nowhere he'd rather be than back home in Idaho where he's lived since 1979 and where he discovered the real-life, modern day counterparts to his boyhood heroes.

Courtesy of Canon camera company:

David R. Stoecklein launched his career as a photographer by taking lifestyle shots of skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, tennis, and golf. That work lead to assignments for well-known companies such as Timberland, Coca-Cola, L.L. Bean, Ski Magazine, Reebok, and Scientific Angler. When he began aiming his cameras at cowboys and the open spaces of the West, his client list expanded to include Marlboro, Ford, U.S. Tobacco, National Geographic, Chevrolet, Remington, Pontiac, Wrangler, Jeep, Chrysler, and Outdoor Photographer.

But Stoecklein's true motive to photograph the West is simple: he would like his photography to tell at least part of the story of the West as it is today, for future generations to enjoy. When he isn't scheduled for assignment work or shooting stock photography for his image library, Stoecklein spends every free moment photographing cowboys ' and cowgirls ' and every aspect of the western lifestyle for his books, calendars, and gallery. It is his passion to 'tell it like it is ' that has won the admiration and respect of his subjects, allowing him to learn more every year, and capture images that reflect the American West. Dave's publishing accomplishments include and annual line of western calendars, prints, and cards, as well as a series of coffee-table books.


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