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Mark Dahl

Birth place or City of origin: Elko County
State of origin: NV
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1948
Death/End date:

Mark is a native of Elko County, Nevada and a self-taught silversmith.

Mark Dahl lives and works in the same place where he was raised: at the foot of the majestic Ruby Mountains in rural, northeastern Nevada. He grew up as a cowboy, working on his father's ranch, as well as others in the area.
In 1982, he founded Mark Mfg. and began life as a silversmith. He started making custom, silver-mounted bits and spurs. As a self-taught artist, Mark worked hard to master his craft. Soon his name became recognized among collectors and working cowboys alike — all of whom appreciate the sturdy functionality as well as inherent beauty of his work.
Mark carefully hand-engraves the silver in his pieces so that each cut reflects light and maintains its beauty for years. His inlays are sterling silver. The silver is actually fused to the steel, making it a very strong and durable product. Mark guarantees that the silver will not come off.
Mark's attention to detail and beautiful artistry are respected by his customers and peers. He is a charter member of the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association. Some of his finer pieces can be seen in the Association's annual shows.


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