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Arizona Saddlery - Frank Olzer

Birth place or City of origin: Miles City
State of origin: MT
Last known City: Phoenix
Last known State: AZ
Start/Birth date: 1917
Death/End date: 1930

Frank Olzer was born in Miles City, MT in 1855 and began making saddles in Gillette, Wyoming in 1910. In 1918 he moved to Prescott, AZ and owned the Arizona Saddlery until 1936. He later worked for the Carl Carlock Saddle Company in Phoenix, AZ. Carlock’s Stockman catalog called him the “West-est saddle maker since 1898.”

Olzer was a saddle maker by trade but also sold bits and spurs made by others including Buermann, Kelly Bros, Phillips and Gutierrez and Mike Morales. Olzer-made pieces are finely made, scarce and highly desirable. Besides his saddles, he created quality gun belts, money clips and saddlebags. Beautiful and collectible examples can be found in various Western museums across the United States such as the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, OK.

Biography submitted by Michelle Erickson


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