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Wesley William Wimmer

Birth place or City of origin: Paso Robles
State of origin: CA
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1896
Death/End date: 1986

Born January 12, 1896 on a ranch in the Estrella district about 15 miles from Paso Robles, CA. Raised on ranches and farms in the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties where he worked on both the Cojo Ranch and the Cammatta Ranch when it was run by Miller and Lux. Wes was a California buckaroo of the first order who began doing rawhide work, making ropes and silver inlaid bits and spurs in the 1920s while cowboying and breaking horses. His bits and spurs are usually marked with a WWW on the spade and sometimes on the inside of the left cheekpiece. Spurs are usually marked on the underside of the shank.

Biography Courtesy of Bill Wimmer


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