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Olsen Nolte - Al Nolte

Birth place or City of origin:
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Last known City:
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Start/Birth date: 1936
Death/End date: 1985

Al Nolte was born in Los Angeles but grew up in San Francisco where he learned saddle making while apprenticing at Main and Winchester. Al went to work for Visalia’s Dave Walker but grew restless drifting to the Denver based saddleries of J H Wilson and Hermann Heiser before returning to the Bay Area where he joined with businessman John E. Olsen to form the Olsen-Nolte firm in the 1937. An instant hit, the partnership became one of the top-ranking saddleries overnight, necessitating an expansion, which ultimately overtaxed Nolte’s capabilities and resulted in his sale to Olsen in 1939 though he did stay on as a saddlemaker until his death in 1942. Nolte was a saddlemaker but not a silversmith so the firm acquired bits and spurs from many of the renowned local Bay Area makers including Miller and Tietjen, Filo Gutierrez, John Estrada, Dick Fleming, Larry Hoback and J.R. Lamdin and Robert Schaezlein Sr

Nolte Olsen
Olsen Nolte


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