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Out West Saddlery - Albert (A.A.) Cuen

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Last known City: Los Angeles
Last known State: CA
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Alberto A. Cuen was one of three brothers, including Rafael & Perfecto, all sons of Don Ventura Cuen of Panama.

In the late 1800s Don Ventura Cuen sold his ranch property in Panama to cattle Baron Henry Miller with the agreement that any of the Cuen sons could have lifelong jobs on the ranch if they so desired. It was Rafael who stayed on and worked the ranch as a wagon boss for 46 years for a division of the legendary Miller & Lux operation. The Cuen family had owned and operated the ranch and were all top hand Vaqueros well known for their ranching and riding expertise. Perfecto Cuen went on to ride for Miller's 101 Wild West Shows making his way far from the family ranch in Panama while Alberto Cuen went on to become a well rounded and famous saddle maker in his making numerous saddles for the working Vaqueros on the Miller & Lux Ranches for many years.

By the time Alberto A. Cuen opened his shop, the Out West Saddlery in Los Angeles, CA in the 1920s, he had a large clientele of Old Vaqueros and working Cowboys plus an emerging Hollywood cowboy market. A. A. Cuen made saddles only under the Out West Saddlery maker mark for about 15 years and after his death in the 1940s the shop remained opened for a short time ran by the Daughter.. Cuen worked on several saddles in conjunction with other Southern California makers like Phillip Fredholm, who was one of Ed Bohlin’s premier silversmiths, before setting-off on his own.


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