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Leonard Reedy

Birth place or City of origin: Chicago
State of origin: IL
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1899
Death/End date: 1956

Chicago’s “Cowboy Painter” of the Old West, Reedy was a listed artist who spent much of his youth living with the Indians, roaming the great plains and desert country while working as a ranch hand. It is said that in Chicago, restaurants have framed Reedy paintings and drawings, often received in lieu of payment.


Born in Chicago, he became known as "Chicago's Cowboy Painter" of oil and watercolor scenes of the Old West.

During his youth, he spent much time on the Great Plains, living in mining and logging camps. While he traveled, he painted and captured scenes from working as a ranch hand, roaming and living with the Indians, and exploring the Grand Canyon, Badlands, and life in the cattle country.

He showed great art talent as a youngster and studied at the Chicago Art Institute and the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He became a student of the early history of the West, and his paintings reflect that scholarly knowledge. In Chicago, numerous restaurants had paintings done by him in exchange for food.


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