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Nocona Boot Company

Birth place or City of origin: Nocona
State of origin: TX
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1925
Death/End date: 1981

Started by Miss Enid Justin in 1925 with a $5,000 loan after her brothers moved their Justin Boot Company to Fort Worth. Enid was a true pioneer who became one of the first women in the US to own her own manufacturing business. She set-out solo in her Model T the next year taking boot orders from cowboys, ranchers and cattlemen. Business boomed and in 1930 she purchased the legendary McChesney Co moving it from Gainesville to Nocona, TX. In 1981 Enid retired as president and Nocona merged with Justin where she remained as honorary chairman of the board until her death in 1990.


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