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Kelly Brothers - P. M . (Pascal) Kelly

Birth place or City of origin: Childress - Van Zandt County
State of origin: TX
Last known City:
Last known State: TX
Start/Birth date: 1903
Death/End date: 1965

P. M. Kelly began making spurs in Childress, Texas in 1903 moving to Oklahoma and Hansford, TX before going to work for McChesney in Pauls, OK in 1910. By 1911 Kelly was ready to open his own shop in Dalhart, Texas with his new partner Clyde Parker (known as KB and P or Kelly Bros and Parker). The partnership dissolved in 1919 but the Kelly Bros continued making bits and spurs moving to El Paso, Texas in 1925. The Kelly Bros made their own patterns for bits and spurs marking them under the button on the outside of the spur or sometimes inside the spur. In later years Kelly put out an inexpensive spur marked "Rodeo." In 1965 the business was sold to James Renalde of Denver.


Pascal Moreland "P.M." Kelly was born near Bright Star, TX in 1886. The oldest of seven children, the family moved to Childress, TX in 1903 where his father taught school and operated the blacksmith shop. Bud made his first pair of spurs in 1903, opening a blacksmith shop in Hansford County in 1907. In 1910 he worked for McChesney in Paul's Valley, OK and a year later opened a shop with Tom Johnson in Dalhart TX. By 1911 Johnson had left and P.M. found Clyde Parker, a foundry man working with McChesney for $2.00 a day. He lured Parker away to join him in Dalhart, Texas around 1912. Kelly attributes much of his early success to Parker who handled production and trained new employees in the operation of machines and tools. The partnership was dissolved in 1919 when WWI slowed the business to a halt. Most of these spurs are marked “KB and P” but a few pairs have their names fully written. In 1924 Kelly relocated the business to El Paso where it prospered until the market crash of 1929. As the depression receded, P.M. bought out his brothers and resumed business in El Paso in 1939 changing the maker-mark to "Kelly". In the early 1940s, his son Bob joined the company taking over all aspects of the business after WWII. The business flourished in an expanded location until selling out to Crockett-Renalde on Denver, Colo in the 1960s.


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