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Harry Jackson

Birth place or City of origin: Chicago
State of origin: IL
Last known City: Cody
Last known State: WY
Start/Birth date: 1924
Death/End date: 2011

Born in Chicago in 1924, Harry Jackson was raised near the stables and stockyards, before hopping a train for Wyoming to become a cowboy at age 14. “All I was good at was drawing, riding, and running away,” claims Harry, who is considered one of America’s best-known 20th century artists with wide-ranging work that includes painting and sculpture in styles ranging from Abstract Expressionism to Realism. Jackson’s bronzes are in public collections around the world including the Met in New York and the Smithsonian and he has been featured in Life and Time magazine, as well as numerous museum exhibitions and publications. His commissions include heroic statues of historical subjects. Harry passed away at age 87, on his 40,000-acre ranch outside of Cody where he bred horses and raised cattle.


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