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T Texas Tyler

Birth place or City of origin: Mena
State of origin: AR
Last known City: Springfield
Last known State: MO
Start/Birth date: 1916
Death/End date: 1972

David Luke Myrick was born June 20th, 1916 in Mena, AR. He was a charismatic singer/songwriter from the late 40s through the mid 50s, often credited with helping to popularize the sentimental country “recitation” - a storytelling composition partly or completely spoken by the performer - with his massive 1948 hit Deck of Cards. With Remember Me and Jack Guthrie’s Oklahoma Hills, Tyler had his biggest single in 1948, followed up that smash with another recitation: the tear-wrenchingly sentimental Mary Jean Shurtz composition Dad Gave My Dog Away. Tyler was given his own television show, Range Round Up, in Los Angeles and in the 50s he became a gospel singer and Assembly of God minister, recording an all-gospel album. The 1960s were spent touring and preaching. Following the death of his first wife, Claudia, in 1968, Tyler remarried and settled down in Springfield, MO, where he preached to a local congregation and also performed occasionally.


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