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Fred Harman

Birth place or City of origin: Kansas City
State of origin: MO
Last known City: Pagosa Springs
Last known State: CO
Start/Birth date: 1902
Death/End date: 1982

Harman began his career in 1921 animating cartoons in Kansas City, with Walt Disney. 1934 marked the beginning of his famous cartoon strip Red Ryder-Little Beaver that ran in 750 newspapers with 40,000,000 readers, and expanded to a radio show, 38 movies and 40 products for over 25 years. In 1962 he began painting full time in Pagosa Springs. Fred became one of the first members of the Cowboy Artists of America and was also a member of the National Cartoonist Society and the Society of Illustrators. According to his son, Fred, his father painted 300 paintings. Fred now keeps his father's studio in tact as part of the Fred Harman Museum in Pagosa Springs, CO with over 50 pieces of his father's works.


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