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Hamley Company - John & Henry Hamley

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin:
Last known City: Pendleton
Last known State: OR
Start/Birth date: 1884
Death/End date:

Established by John and Henry Hamley, sons of an English saddle maker, in Ashton, South Dakota in 1884. They left the drought stricken region in 1890 for Kendrick, Idaho only to have the Hamley shop wiped out by fire in 1892 and brother Henry die the following year. Another devastating fire in 1904 was enough for John and he moved the shop to Pendleton, Oregon where Hamley built a reputation for superior workmanship, honesty and fair dealing. John's two sons, Lester H and John M shared their father's touch for fine leather and saddle artistry and Lester was instrumental in the 1909 publication of the first Hamley catalogue. Hamley's success was maintained by their close association to the horseback fraternity, and their willingness to experiment with any cowboys' suggestions. As their world wide reputation grew, Hamley's store quadrupled in size to accommodate the complete line of Western inventory as well as the cowboys, Indians, business tycoons and visiting potentates.


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