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Albert “Abbie” Hunt

Birth place or City of origin:
State of origin: Chili
Last known City: Caliente
Last known State: CA
Start/Birth date: 1876
Death/End date: 1967

Born of Chilean ancestry, Abbie began making bits appx. 1917-18 while working for Espinosa in Ventura County, CA. Early work was relatively simple and unmarked with distinctive teardrop overlays on cheeks coming later. Began marking bits in the 1940s on the advice of his friend and benefactor, Felix Guitron of Indio, CA. Abbie was considered a good vaquero in Bakersfield and lived with his wife in the nearby town of Caliente, CA. Hunt was known as a top “torch man” who refined his trade while making braces for crippled children.


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