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G S Garcia - G S Garcia

Birth place or City of origin: Sonora
State of origin: Mexico
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1864
Death/End date: 1933

Born in Sonora, Mexico in 1864, Guadalupe S Garcia moved to Santa Margarita, California at any early age and there opened his first shop in 1882. Tough competition drove Garcia to Nevada in 1894 and it was there that he found fame in Elko, a major shipping port for the area's vast cattle empire, loaded with cowhands eager to refurbish their outfits with Garcia's superb saddles, bits and spurs. The saddlery employed some of the best bit and spur makers of the day including Juan Estrada, Gus Goldberg, A Herrera, Raphael (Philo) Guttierez and Mike Morales. His distinctive saddles (one of which was awarded 2 gold medals at the St Louis World's Fair) set his Cal-Nev style apart from those used elsewhere. Garcia turned Rodeo promoter in 1912 drawing 2000 spectators to the first Elko Stampede. Failing health required that the business be turned over to his sons Les and Henry in 1932 and "GS" died the following year. The business moved to Salinas in 1936 and the name was changed to the Garcia Saddlery.


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