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Birth place or City of origin: Fond du Lac
State of origin: WI
Last known City: Miles City
Last known State: MT
Start/Birth date: 1862
Death/End date: 1923

Albert Furstnow was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in 1862. Worked as a foreman for G H and J S Collins in Cheyenne, Wyoming before opening his first shop there in 1894. Furstnow was in partnership with C E Coggshall in the late 1890s before opening up his own Miles City saddlery. He claims, in his 1916 catalogue, to have originated the swell fork design though others dispute this claim. Furstnow built one of the largest saddleries in the Northwest fostering a reputation for fine workmanship and materials and carrying a comprehensive line of cowboy goods. He died in 1923 but the shop continued to operate under Joseph Moreno.


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