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David (Dave) Powell

Birth place or City of origin: Kalispell
State of origin: MT
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1954
Death/End date:

Born and raised in Kalispell, Montana and the son of artist Ace Powell and Nancy McLaughlin, Dave Powell grew up in an atmosphere redolent with Western heritage. Their household hummed with art activity as Indians, trappers, cowboys and loggers came to visit. With such a background, it is no wonder Dave is steeped in art and history!

Dave became a serious student of art in his mid teens, and has been a professional artist most of his life. In 1973, he worked with Bob Scriver, helping with mold making and plaster pattern for the heroic size Lewis and Clark sculpture, now located at Fort Benton. Dave has also studied with Ned Jacob and Robert Lougheed.

Because of his vast knowledge of the dress and habits of Western Indians, pioneers and cowboys, Dave is often called upon to provide costume and props, and to give technical advice about authenticity for films and television. Productions include The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, Silverado and Lonesome Dove.

Dave has participated in historic reenactments and rides all across the west and his travels afford Dave the opportunity for inspiration. While his film work utilizes his experience and observation, his sculptures, paintings and illustrations are born of his imagination.


Dave Powell is noted for his painting of western subjects. In October 2004, he was elected to the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America. Powell also writes books on western culture and serves as a prop and costume advisor on western films to Hollywood with movie credits that include Silverado, Lonesome Dove and Seabiscuit.


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