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Holtz Saddle Company - Bernie W. Holtz

Birth place or City of origin: Carrolltown
State of origin: PA
Last known City:
Last known State:
Start/Birth date: 1947
Death/End date:

The Holtz Saddle Co. was founded in 1947 by Bernard (Bernie) W. Holtz in the basement of the family home in Carrolltown, PA. Bernie always had a love for horses and started driving a team at the age of nine. As a youngster, he would go to the movies and watch the cowboys on the screen, wearing fancy saddles on their horses. Shortly before his 30th birthday, he saw a Palomino he liked so very much that he bought it. A fancy horse needed a fancy saddle so he designed and made his first saddle while working at night. He later sold that saddle, initiating what was to soon become a profession. It was not long after that the orders from all over the country began flowing into the small shop in Carrolltown. The saddles which Bernie completed were each an “original” in that no two were designed alike, which accounted for many of the nearly 600 hours that it took to finish a complete saddle ensemble. In 1958, Bernie built a shop on his property and expanded the store to include a wide variety of “everything for the horse and rider.” For the next couple of decades he operated the shop, continued to make sought-after silver and leather articles, and with his wife, Leona, raised nine children. Bernie made 44 silver saddles in his career, including one owned by Richard Boone, of “Have Gun Will Travel” fame and several for riders in the Pasadena Rose Parade.


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