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Buckeye Blake

Western Artist
BP: Fullerton, CA
LKL: Carson City, NV

Buckeye Blake is an important painter combining traditional with contemporary styles of western art. He captures the magnificent American West in a dramatic artistic style sometimes illustrated in his poster like works in brilliant bold colors and personal self-expression fueled by his decorative shapes in his impression of the west.

Buckeye Blake was born in California in 1946. His early life was spent traveling to rodeos where he saw, first hand, the subjects he loves to paint. After moving to Nevada in his early teens he began painting and selling his work. Mostly self-taught, though his mother was an artist, he studied the works of Charles M. Russell and Maynard Dixon. Buckeye's following in Nevada grew and he began doing commissions for Scripps Howard Publishing. In 1977 he moved to Montana with his wife, Tona, and son, Teal, where he continued his career painting and sculpting. His life-size bronze of Charles M. Russell in downtown Great Falls, Montana, and heroic size bronze of Kit Carson in front of the capital in Carson City, Nevada, along with a retrospective at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in 1993 showing his paintings, bronzes, furniture, scarves, etc. One thing you can say about Buckeye Blake, his work is a breathe of fresh air conveying a glimpse into the West we all love.

Submitted by Teal Blake, the artist’s son


A painter and sculptor in the traditional or realist style of the Old West, Buckeye Blake was born in Fullerton, California and as an adult became a resident of Augusta, Montana.

His father was a rodeo rider, and the family traveled a lot, finally settling in Carson City, Nevada on a ranch in 1956. His father built a rodeo arena, and his mother, to earn money, painted murals in dance halls and also did portraits. Inheriting her art talent, he won many school art contests.

He left school, his junior year and worked in Hollywood in B-rated studios where he made cartoons and movie backdrops. After a year, he returned to Nevada and started selling his fine art in galleries. In 1979, he moved to Montana where he completed large bronzes of the Charlie Russell funeral procession and numerous other paintings and sculptures.


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